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Machiko Nogami solo exhibition "Life goes on!" 


2024年 5月11日 (金) - 25日 (土)

※ ​営業:会期中​ 木、金、土、13:00 ~ 18:00




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About Marie Gallery

Marie Gallery is a gallery in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. This is the Tokyo store of Gallery Kozuka, which has been in business for 45 years in Nagoya. Artists who have worked with the first generation of Gallery Kozuka and artists of the same generation as the second generation will present contemporary art throughout Japan and the world.
By linking both the Tokyo and Nagoya galleries, we will mainly handle artists active in the three prefectures of the Tokai region, mainly in Nagoya. We will also discover and introduce talented artists from Japan and abroad.

We will also hold exhibitions and workshops so that children have more opportunities to come into contact with art.



2012 ~ 2022


Artist Index 758

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